email lists for everybody and their friends,
for businesses and their infrastructure,
for you and your privacy.


email groups

use one email address to send a message to a group of people. all members of the group can do the same to reach everyone.

expiring groups

set a date to expire a group and you'll receive no more messages from a group.

eigene domain

use custom domains for special applications.

use cases

everybody and friends

no facebook. no twitter. no pseudo social bull poop. communicate with groups of people without fiddling around with multiple recipients, carbon copy, blind carbon copy, do it wrong and leak email adresses.

businesses and infrastructure

send messages from your infrastructure to the right group of people. no need to modify system configuration as team members join and leave.

you and privacy

protect your email addess with a bubble.email list the next time someone asks for your email. sign up for that ebook download and automatically expire delivery so they cannot send you their crap endlessly.

what this is

with bubble.email you maintain lists of email recipients that receive every message that is send to a list's address by any of its members. lists may be opened to recieve messages from any address, your iot device or your businesses data center infrastructure.

what this is not

bubble.email is not another email marketing platform. the number of recipients as part of a list is limited. bounced emails and abuse complaints are monitored closely and lists will get shut down if those get out of hand.

early bird access

for a limited time, sign up for exclusive access and an account with all the features for free.

the email will be stored encrypted. bubble.email cannot see the email address until the confirmation link in the welcome mail has been opened.